Saving The Orca And Salmon – Does Inslee Have The Political Will?

Photo Credit: Washington State Department of Ecology

In March 2018, Gov. Jay Inslee issued an executive order that directed state agencies to take “immediate” action to help the critically-endangered Southern Resident orcas and formed a nearly 50-member Southern Resident Orca Task Force (the “Task Force”). The Executive Order recognized the inextricable link between the orca and its main prey—the endangered Chinook salmon. The Task Force released a 148-page report in November 2018, with prioritized recommendations for orca recovery (the “Report”). The recommendations and their order of importance was the result of compromise—a natural consequence of the diverse composition of the Task Force. About 20 percent of Task Force members are state agency employees.

COB Produces Elementary School Level Dig Once Draft

I don’t want to always paint the picture that nothing good is going
on with public broadband. I am happy to report that both the Port and PUD have teamed up and are pursuing the issue. In the meantime, the City of Bellingham is hell bent on being as
backward about the issue as possible. They have even created a fable
about pretend meetings that never took place with Mount Vernon as I’ll
explain below. So we have yet another installment in the saga of
protecting the big telecoms, embarked upon by the upper echelon of our
city government.